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The Solid and Stable Solution.

VecoBase is simplicity at its finest and most productive. Designed to be placed in a single-lift, this breakthrough solution reduces equipment and labor costs. Plus, it provides superior stability, porosity and permeability to facilitate water retention and collection. VecoBase is the first product launch of our breakthrough Veco™ line of sustainable aggregates products.

VecoBase is an engineered product designed to provide the proper balance of stability and permeability for permeable pavement applications. Each geographically sourced product has a different gradation designed for the variances in geologic deposits and their unique properties. Gradation control is used at each production source for the purpose of assuring product uniformity and consistency.

Your Next Sustainable Construction Project Needs The Right Foundation.

The sustainable solution for:

Designers and Engineers:

As an improved foundation layer for permeable pavements, VecoBase enhances the overall performance and value of permeable paving systems.


The single-lift system reduces time and job costs. The product's compactability allows edge restraints to be secured using spikes.

Land Developers and Municipalities:

VecoBase can eliminate the need for water retention ponds. With a 30% voids ratio, developers can maximize the land used for parking lots or other pavement structures.


Engineered for performance
Provides adequate compaction to spike edge restraints in place
Quality Control during production of the product assures performance
Replaces traditional multi-layer construction with one product placed and compacted in a single lift
Increases job-site productivity (reduces construction time and saves equipment time and labor costs)
Can accommodate pumping systems to accelerate natural drainage if so desired


Each sourced product is designed for use as a foundation layer under permeable pavements to provide drainage and stability.

Engineered Properties

A crushed aggregate product is produced under controlled conditions and engineered to provide the desired drainage for water and to have adequate strength and stability to accommodate typical construction equipment that is used to construct permeable pavement systems. Engineered properties include:
  • Proprietary gradation
  • Material compaction will need to be determined based on desired stability and voids. A compaction of 90% standard proctor will provide:
    • Voids - ratio of at least 30%
    • Permeability - at least 28 ft. per day (ASTM D2434)
    • Stability - a minimum CBR of 20 (ASTM D1883)
    • Durability - meets aggregate quality requirements for soundness, abrasion and deleterious materials in Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction book of the Illinois Department of Transportation (1004.01)
  • Increased compaction levels (greater than 90%) will typically result in reduced voids and permeability but an improved CBR rating.

Veco™ Is The Right Choice.

The Green Choice.

Vulcan is dedicated to the environment with smart, sustainable solutions. The use of VecoBase, like many Vulcan products, may enable our clients to get LEED® credits. In fact, Vulcan will provide LEED® support with your Veco order that may be used towards contributing to LEED® credits.

Environmentally Right and Foundationally Strong.

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