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Developed for performance and sustainability.

Designed to perform at its best, Veco Joint Aggregate is manufactured using a specific particle size that allows it to fill the joint to the top of the paver, while also remaining in place. This combats the tendencies of larger-sized joint aggregate to pop out of the top inch of the joint area. Additionally, manufacturers of interlocking pavers also recognize the enhanced lateral support provided by this joint aggregate. And because the joint stays in place while being more permeable, sediment doesn't become such an issue.

Veco Joint Aggregate delivers stability and sustainability to every project.

The sustainable solution for:

Paver Contractors:

Deliver your next paver project with confidence, knowing that Veco Joint Aggregate will provide stronger support and greater longevity with the aggregate remaining closer to the top of pavers, maintaining the performance of the sustainable system.


Contractors will be responsive when you specify Veco Joint Aggregate for your projects. From sustainability performance to its availability locally, this material will always be the right choice.


Specifically designed for permeable pavement
Provides better lateral support for interlocking pavers
Smaller granulation allows for joint to stay flush with pavers
Veco Joint Aggregate has a permeability of over 400 in/hr (800 ft/day)
Provides the permeability needed to address storm water management effectively without sacrificing the stability

Engineered Properties

  • Permeability: Veco Joint Aggregate provides a permeable initial filtering layer for your paver system. A permeability of over 400 in/hr (800 ft/day) allows for rapid surface infiltration.
  • Stability: Over 90% of the particles are smaller than 4.75mm. This ensures a good fit between the paving blocks locking them in place.
  • Reflectivity: The natural stone color is a light shade of grey. Light colored materials help to reduce heat island effects.

Veco Joint Aggregate Is The Right Choice.

The Green Choice.

Vulcan is dedicated to the environment with smart, sustainable solutions. The use of Veco Joint Aggregate, like many Vulcan products, may enable our clients to get LEED® credits. In fact, Vulcan will provide LEED® support with your Veco order that may be used towards contributing to LEED® credits.

Veco Joint Aggregate is designed for sustainability performance for your project, also allowing you to buy locally, cutting out the higher costs and carbons of transportation.

Environmentally Right and Foundationally Strong.

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