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Engineered balance of permeability and stability.

McCook 210® is an engineered product that provides the proper balance of permeability and stability needed for athletic fields. Each geographically sourced product is engineered for performance using gradation designed for the variances in geologic deposits and their unique properties. Gradation control is used at each production source for the purpose of assuring product uniformity and consistency.

Bringing a new level of performance to athletic fields.


Engineered for performance
Performance of drainage layer exceeds the life of the synthetic turf
Quality control during production of the product assures performance
Replaces traditional multi-layer construction with one product placed and compacted in a single lift
Increases job-site productivity (reduces construction time and saves equipment time and labor costs)
Can accommodate pumping systems to accelerate natural drainage if so desired


Each sourced product is designed for use as a foundation layer under synthetic turf to provide drainage and stability.

Engineered Properties

A crushed aggregate product is produced under controlled conditions and engineered to provide the desired drainage for water and to have adequate strength and stability to accommodate typical construction equipment that is used to construct the synthetic turf. Engineered properties include:
  • Proprietary gradation
  • A target density of 90 % min. of AASHTO T99 provides the following:
    • Permeability - a minimum of 28 ft/day (ASTM D2434)
    • Stability - a minimum CBR of 20 (ASTM D1883)

Engineered for performance

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