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High quality filler for your concrete, asphalt and brick.

Veco Mineral Filler is a unique mineral filler product captured during the production of high quality crushed aggregates. Historically, material of this type has been difficult to produce in traditional aggregate processing plants. Often, it was lost during aggregate washing and disposed of in settling ponds. However, due to a newly developed process patented by Vulcan Materials Company, Veco Mineral Filler can now be captured in a nearly dry, free flowing form. Veco Mineral Filler can be used in a variety of construction materials including concrete, asphalt, and brick.

Our unique patented process brings you a filler opportunity.

The sustainable solution for:

Concrete Producers:

As an additive or replacement for sand or cement, Veco Mineral Filler can improve workability and strength, increase density, and decrease permeability.

Asphalt Producers:

Veco Mineral Filler can be used as a stabilizing agent in high performance asphalt mixes such as Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA).

Brick Manufacturers:

Depending on geology, the high silica content of Veco Mineral Filler can help to lower absorption rates and potentially decrease firing costs.


Consistent gradation
Free flowing, nearly dry material
Can be stored in silos and pneumatically loaded onto bulk tankers
Can help to lower costs for concrete, asphalt, brick, and many other construction materials

Engineered Properties

Veco Mineral Filler is a nearly dry, free flowing product that is extremely consistent in terms of gradation due to the fact that it is produced through specialized equipment in a process patented by Vulcan Materials Company.

Veco™ Is The Right Choice.

The Green Choice.

Vulcan is dedicated to the environment with smart, sustainable solutions. The use of Veco Mineral Filler, like many Vulcan products, may enable our clients to get LEED® credits. In fact, Vulcan will provide LEED® support with your Veco order that may be used towards contributing to LEED® credits.

Environmentally Right and Foundationally Strong.

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